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[MAILab Newsletter] Integrated Management of Multiple Edge Devices with AI Client (Jan 30,2023)

MAILab ( AI client is an integrated management system of our edge devices. Total of seven AI Chip cameras in MAILab’s showroom recognize my face in real time. By embedding the algorithm on an AI chip capable of AI function in MAILab's edge device, it improves detection/recognition capabilities through data learning even in edge devices.


MAILab MAILab commercializes AI solutions for quarantine, security and safety with QSS integrated solution based on its own engine i2Brain, Vision AI Framework, MEGA Image AI Platform, and MEGA Industrial AI Platform through engineering and marketing organizations in the United States, Canada, China and India. MAILab offers Industrial AI such as QSS Integrated Solution, Medical AI such as congenital heart disease algorithm, Logistic AI such as Robotic AI Fulfillment Service, Beauty AI for sales and production of skin care and makeup products.


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