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MAILab Newsletter: Why Feminist AI Is A Given (24.2.13)

Feminist AI simply starts from the perception of reality that AI, which appears to be objective and neutral, is not so at least so far from the perspective of feminism. The reason is that the data on which AI is based is itself a historical product of a male-dominated society, and because the majority of people developing AI are men, the resulting AI technology, and specifically the algorithm, is advantageous to men. So, feminist AI is an antithesis to such male-oriented AI, and aims to create equal AI rather than female-oriented AI. In other words, we will remove male-centered bias from AI technology.

MAILab does not explicitly say that it is a feminist AI, but the vice president of MAILab argues that AI can never discriminate between men and women, and that the AI field can be a way to overcome discrimination for women who are realistically discriminated against. Because she graduated from Dartmouth College, which is known as the mecca of AI, she recalled that her pride in her alma mater encouraged her to study AI even harder and start an AI business. Ultimately, it is a question of motivation.

All innovations and creations are created when various thoughts and perspectives collide with each other. Without diversity and the equality that diversity makes possible, innovation and creation are impossible. When civilization-transforming AI develops on a more diverse and equal basis, the future of humanity will be bright, and women's active participation in AI will become a catalyst to promote such diversity and equality.



About the author Dr. Phil Yang: Chairman of CKT Group; CEO of MAILab; China Qingdao Municipal Government Economic Ambassador; Advisor, Tsinghua University Foundation, China; Adjunct Professor, Tsinghua University, China; International President of Jilin Vocational University, China; New York State University, Korea Branch, Chair Professor; Director, Konkuk University's Chinese Enterprise Research Institute


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