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Most radiology residents want education on AI to be included in residency curriculum (March 6, 2023)

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According to research published in January 27 in Academic Radiology, most radiology residents in the U.S. want education on AI technology to be included in the residency curriculum and they want the training to be hands-on. Among the different educational approaches, hands-on AI/machine-learning laboratory and a lecture series were reported to be the most beneficial or effective method, by 67% and 61%, respectively. Radiologists do not need to learn to code to develop Medical AI algorithms on their own.

Among the projects MAILab has worked on, AI Echo is a deep learning-based congenital heart defect screening and diagnosis algorithms. MAILab developed it with domain experts consisting of a team of congenital heart defect experts and radiologists with more than 10 years of experience. In the end, we came to the conclusion that it is a convergence of medical and imaging, AI, hardware and software engineering. First of all, as the technology development was carried out in cooperation with various teams, we were able to start engineering after completing the architecture. Through this, we were able to experience firsthand that domain knowledge and experience are also important.


MAILab MAILab commercializes AI solutions for quarantine, security and safety with QSS integrated solution based on its own engine i2Brain, Vision AI Framework, MEGA Image AI Platform, and MEGA Industrial AI Platform through engineering and marketing organizations in the United States, Canada, China and India. MAILab offers Industrial AI such as QSS Integrated Solution, Medical AI such as congenital heart disease algorithm, Logistic AI such as Robotic AI Fulfillment Service, Beauty AI for sales and production of skin care and makeup products.


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