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Thermal imaging cameras are a quarantine "disaster"

Although the number of pixels, materials, and sensing function of the IR camera are far superior to those of the PAD, the IR camera is not suitable for measuring body temperature because it is basically industrial, and in particular, it is impossible to measure the temperature of ± 1 ° C in the times of pandemic.

Even when Vision AI is applied to a thermal imaging camera, the number of nodes that measure body temperature on the face after face detection is very low, so the accuracy of the measurement function is poor.

Measuring the same node multiple times cannot be performed in real time, so temperature measurement according to time difference is not preferable for analysis of core body temperature than simultaneous measurement in real time.

In body temperature measurement using the existing IR camera, although the black body must be used to compensate for the interference of the ambient temperature and the temperature difference depending on the location, the error range that can occur because the black body is not installed is above ± 1 ° C (Max ± 1.5 ° C).

There is a high risk of false negative by measuring body temperature in the absence of a calibration device such as a black body.

In addition, thermal imaging cameras were welcomed for multiple body temperature measurements, but could not choose to wear a mask or keep distance.

Now, MAILab offers you an alternative called QSS Integrated Solution.

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