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AI & Beauty Solution

“We believe vision AI is the best 

technology to make you beautiful and healthy. ” 

AI Analysis and Recommendations
  • Our long-term analysis of popular SNS videos shows that today’s consumers are interested in before/after effects that emphasize fast effects.

  • Our artificial intelligence platform helps consumers

  • choose their favorite products from the best-selling     products of multinational brands and our private label products.

  • Products are recommend products based on our algorithms. 

Mismatching between Cosmetic Company and Customer
  • Cosmetics are classified into perfume, makeup, skincare, hair care, and special-purpose cosmetics.

  • Relatively, profit margins of skin care cosmetics are high.

  • The global demand for the cosmetic skin care market,which was estimated to be worth US$145.3 billion in

  • 2020, is expected to grow to US$185.5 billion by 2027.

AI Skin Analysis Algorithm
  • MAILab developed an AI skin analysis algorithm based on the skin big data of 30 million customers of cosmetics platform, eMei in China.

  • We worked with dozens of skin experts to analyze and label skin problems and skin types.

  • MAILab provided AI skin analysis api to eMei in China. Based on this, eMeideveloped an AI + Beauty customized skin care solution app.

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