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Integrated Solution

What Is QSS?

QSS Integrated Solution

Quarantine + Security + Safety

We believe vision AI is the best technology to solve quarantine, security and safety problems related to pandemic.

Monitoring, Warning & Prediction

  • Monitoring the change in the core body temperature of the community and the increase in the number of suspicious patients.

  • Forecasting the probabilities of infection outbreak and predicting the expansion of infection into the surrounding area.

Founder & CEO


  • As for confirmed patients, internal tracking of contacts.

  • Network connections with the public systems such as government, police and quarantine authorities.

AI-Legacy Hybrid

  • Combined with legacy IT system.

  • Unlimited expansion of the range of functions available.

  • State-of-the-art AI at a low cost provided.

Customized Service

  • In accordance with client's demand, hardware & software and services are provided together. 

  • A form of integration with consistent delivery from consulting for customer’s strategies to the post-management of customers’ algorithms.

Integrated Solution

QSS Integrated  Solution

  • Vision AI-based platform and edge devices.

  • AI chip capable of AI function embedded with the algorithm by processing data for edge learning.

  • Cognitive ability from edge through server to cloud. 

  • Accuracy of 99.8% and Precision of 0.5%.

  • With the power of Vision AI, the QSS solution analyze the core temperature of the body, the wearing of a face mask, physical distance, and automatic ID check.

  • Time Series Data Analytics and Visualization Services with continuous upgrade of algorithms during the post management.

  • Real time data feedback and time series data insight combined for two-way analysis.

  • Help improve operation and decision-making throughout the client's organization.

QSS Quarantine Security Safety Integrated Solution


Time Series Data Analytics & Visualization Services


A visualization service that allows clients to explore and analyze billions of data at the same time, measuring continuously from the same source over time intervals and monitoring changes over time.

Privacy / Data Protection Architecture

  • Privacy protection by acquiring information through data that has undergone an anonymization and encryption

  • Information-processed data is distributed and accumulated in the server and cloud to distribute risk factors

  • Currently pending a patent in the US


QSS Integrated Solution

Quarantine + Security + Safety

Vision AI for Quarantine, Security and Safety

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