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​One Engine,
One Framework &
Two Platforms

MAILab is a Vision AI architect, with its own engine, i2Brain, its Vision AI framework, and

its two platforms of Mega Image platform and Mega Industrial AI platform.

MEGA Image AI Platform Performance
  • Recognition speed: <0.5s

  • Face recognition false match rate: <0.5%

  • Face recognition accuracy: >99.8%

  • Strong liveness detection: 100%

  • Max quantity of facial processing capability: 50 faces/sec

  • Support strong backlight processing

Image AI Platform
MEGA Industrial
AI Platform

Inspection AI

  • Security;

  • Inspection by process in the production line;

  • Inspection of finished products;

  • Introduction of AI systems in each safety field

Logistics AI

  • AIoT connection to entire corporate logistics, including key areas such as warehousing and delivery.

Predictive Maintenance AI

  • Vision AI-powered sensors & algorithms helping to determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed.

AIoT Solutions

  • Intelligent Quarantine;

  • Intelligent Security;

  • Intelligent Safety;

  • Intelligent Product Inspection;

  • Intelligent Logistics; and

  • Intelligent Mobility

Industrial AI Platform
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