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R&D in Progress

AI-Powered Smart Cities

We believe that our AI solutions will make post-pandemic cities inclusive and sustainable.” 

Smart City in Post-pandemic Era

  • Smart cities offer better use of space, less traffic, cleaner air, and more efficient civic services, all of which increases quality of life. 

  • A system of sensors, networks, and applications collect useful data, like traffic congestion, energy use, and CO2 levels

  • Successful plans for smart cities rest on three principles: i) people at the forefront of any decision-making, ii) creativity and productivity for both public and private sectors, iii) technology for solving real problems. 

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AI Cybersecurity

“We believe AI is the best technology to help corporations and governments with cybersecurity measures like moats and citadels of the Medieval castle. ”
  • Today, intellectual property such as patent details, technological prototypes, and trade secrets are mostly stored in the digital network. 

  • In this context, the security concept of threat-based deterrence and its effective tool are designed to dissuade the attackers from taking unwanted actions in the first place because they believe that they will incur unacceptably high costs and/or receive insufficient benefits from taking that action. 


Robotic Intelligent Fulfillment Services

“Green is Beautiful; Small is Fast.”

  •  “The warehouses are in themselves a masterpiece of AI  technology.” M. Ianstiti & K Lakhani, 2020. Competing in  the Age of AI

  •  Micro-fulfillment services recently emerged with the concept of “closer to the customers,” lower capital expenditure cost and less time to build.


AI & Beauty Solution

“We believe vision AI is the best

technology to make you beautiful and healthy. ”

•  Mismatching between Cosmetic Company and Customer

•  AI Analysis and Recommendations

•  AI Skin Analysis Algorithm


AI Echo

  • CHDs (congenital heart diseases) are the most common type of birth defect, affecting nearly 1% of births per year.

  • Now that many of those algorithms don’t account for heterogeneity or variability of imaging equipment, our algorithm mainly focuses on the data from         echocardiography, a ultrasound technology which captures high temporal and spatial resolutions of the heart and surrounding structure and which serves as a primary equipment for the diagnosis and follow-ups of CHD patients with the combination of rapid acquisition of image   and the lack of ionizing radiation.

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