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Launched QSS Solution: Vision AI-powered integrated solution of software, hardware, and service for quarantine, security, and safety.

Selected as NVIDIA Inception Program Startup.


Developed QSS Solution; cultivate architectural competency in integrating hardware, software, and services, to become a proprietary technology of MAILab.

MAILab attached a black body to the AI camera that combines the thermal imaging function and the snapshot function, and at the same time added a heating function for more precise calibration, currently applied for US patent.


We invited SenseTime's president and its rival Megvii's VP to Korea to understand the state of AI in Korea: Visited Korea University Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence, Hyundai Motor Company, etc., and started forming partnerships with Google, Horizon Robotics, etc.

Signed MOU with Megvii regarding JV establishment.



CEO Dr. Yang hosted the session with the president of SenseTime on "The Heart of Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition-Chinese AI Unicorn SenseTime" at the 19th World Knowledge Forum.

CCO Donna Yang hosted the session with the CEO of Xian Life on "AI and New Retail" at the 19th World Knowledge Forum.


MAILab parent company CKT participated in the acquisition bid of Pantech, which developed and produced smartphones in completion with Samsung and LG.


Tsinghua Group, POSCO, SUNY Korea, and CKT, the parent company of MAILab, signed an MOU for the development of Tsinghua Science Park in Songdo, the world's first overseas branch of Tsinghua Science Park run by Tsinghua University.

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