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Ethics Principles

Mega AI Lab, hereafter MAILab, believes that AI is helpful for a better society and that the changes caused by AI are profound enough to bring about a transformation of civilization. It is well aware that the potential for some ethical issues has already been warned and believes that such warnings should never hamper the advances in AI technology itself. In this context, its ethical principles have been established; in the hope of complying with its most sincerity, it publicly announces its ethical guideline, the MAILab Ethics Principles.

  1. While there are some parts of AI and related technologies that are not fully explained, MAILab tries its best to explain it in an open manner.

  2. By the nature of data, a variety of bias has the potential to cause some problems in AI solutions, algorithms and applications; therefore, it strives to overcome such bias through continuous research and development.

  3. In the process of researching and applying AI technology, MAILab admits that there are many potential problems that invade personal privacy; without considering cost and productivity, it spares no effort for technical and ethical efforts to protect personal privacy.

  4. Now that the problem of information leakage in the AI ​​industry is as serious as data loss, MAILab strives to prevent information leakage through technical efforts and as well prevent information leakage through internal training.

  5. MAILab is fully aware of the potential for AI to be used for inhumane purposes; it, thus, prioritizes humane considerations in its development and deployment. This is accounted for by its mission to pursue human-centered AI.

  6. AI, particularly the Vision AI technology currently focused by MAILab, has a high potential to result in human rights violation; in fact, it has already caused human rights violations in some societies, which is heavily criticized by concerned citizens. In order to deal with such a social issue, MAILab is not willing to develop and deploy any AI technology that has the potential to violate human rights.

August 25, 2020

Co-founders of MAILab, Youngshik Moon, Youngtek Shim, Phil Yang

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