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MAILab CCO Donna Yang and CIO Dr. YT Shim Speak at ABA Panel on “Cloud/Privacy/AI”

On October 27, 2022, at 12:00PM ET, MAILab CCO Donna Yang and CIO Dr. YT Shim presented the company's work on AI and cybersecurity at the "Cloud/Privacy/AI: Trends and Legal Implication" panel hosted by the American Bar Association (American Bar Association). As October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, this panel addressed where the cloud, privacy, and AI intersect with cybersecurity concerns.

Leading the discussion were Donna Yang (MAILab), Ben Haklai (Microsoft, Middle East and Africa HQ Regional Corporate Counsel), Ann Beck (Assistant Vice President – Senior Legal Counsel for AT&T Services, Inc, AT&T), and Micaela Glass (Benson Firm, attorney).

Co-chaired by the ABA Antitrust PRIS Committee's Aryeh Friedman (Meta) and Trisha Grant (Microsoft).

MAILab CCO Donna Yang and CIO Dr. YT Shim's AI for Cybersecurity presentation is made into a video and posted on MAILab's YouTube channel.


MAILab MAILab commercializes AI solutions for quarantine, security and safety with QSS integrated solution based on its own engine i2Brain, Vision AI Framework, MEGA Image AI Platform, and MEGA Industrial AI Platform through engineering and marketing organizations in the United States, Canada, China and India. MAILab offers Industrial AI such as QSS Integrated Solution, Medical AI such as congenital heart disease algorithm, Logistic AI such as Robotic AI Fulfillment Service, Beauty AI for sales and production of skin care and makeup products.


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