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[MAILab] MAILab -- Vision AI Platform & Solutions

MAILab possesses its own super computer with 2 pflops and run its vision AI engine named as i2Brain for a variety of vertical solutions. MAILab is in collaboration with the companies of CKT Group, each of which has developed its unique domain knowledge and experience since 1999.

1. Vision AI Tech is born as a result of the collaboration between MAILab and PSlifeCKT, both of which belong to the CKT Group.

  • Vision AI Tech has developed and marketed the Quarantine-Security-Safety Integrated solutions in the forms of software, hardware, and service.

  • Vision AI Tech is also optimizing its door lock device with 100% liveness software which has been already developed.

2. Robotic AI Fulfillment Service or RAIF is born as a result of the collaboration between MAILab and PSlifeCKT.

  • Fusing 50 types of technology, we have developed the state-of-the-art urban micro-fulfillment technology.

3. AI Mi is a collaboration between eMei, a 10-years old cosmetic company, and MAILab, a vision AI company. Both eMei and MAILab belong to CKT group.

  • AI Mi’s AI Skin Diagnostic tool recommend suitable skin care products to customers based on personalized skin analysis.

4. Construction Vision AI is a collaboration between PSLifeCKT, a real estate development company, and MAILab.

  • Construction Vision AI provides inspection, monitoring, industrial accident prevention and security solutions for construction sites based on Vision AI as hardware, software and services.

5. Health AI is a collaboration between Eastern Beauty, a health and beauty company, and MAILab.

  • Health AI is using deep learning to develop high-performing AI algorithms and models to help doctors diagnose and treat heart diseases such as Congenital Heart Disease faster and earlier.

MAILab aims to improve quality of life with the world's best vision AI technology. For more information, please contact us:



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