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[Vision AI Tech] Vision AI Tech's Four Key Solutions

Vision AI Tech is a vision AI platform and solution company. The heart of artificial intelligence and deep learning is Vision AI. Vision AI has been proven in the global security market and has great potential in the Korean domestic market. Vision AI Tech is a company created through collaboration between artificial intelligence company MAILab and real estate developer PS Life CKT. We are developing the world’s best Vision AI solution with MAILab’s i2Brain engine.

1. Our first core solution is the QSS Integrated Solution.

  • The QSS integrated solution is a vision AI system that combines quarantine, security, and safety.

  • Vision AI Tech offers the Graphic Analysis and Forecasting Services. - Our Vision AI algorithm learned with facial data of 400 million people has been retrained to recognize people wearing masks.

2. Our second core solution is smart home and smart city solutions.

  • Vision AI Tech's QSS integrated solution, that is, a vision AI system that combines quarantine, security, and safety, satisfies the basic requirements of smart buildings.

  • First of all, smart buildings must be secured thoroughly. We have to protect the lives and safety of those who live and work, and secure our property. A.I. can protect the safety of people living and working in the smart buildings.

  • Safety issues should take precedence over productivity or economy, especially in industrial sites such as factories.

  • Now, quarantine is an indispensable new factor in smart buildings. Even if COVID-19 pandemic ends, there will be second and third pandemics. QSS Vision AI solution can be expanded to make our city a healthy and safe smart city.

  • Conversely, if you reduce the QSS Vision AI solution, our home becomes a healthy and safe smart home.

  • In particular, our smart door lock equipped with an AI chip is the starting point for the smart home. Vision AI Tech's door lock is equipped with the world's smallest AI chip and boasts 100% liveness function that can identify fake faces.

3. Our third key solution is fintech.

  • We offer liveness-based fintech security solutions to online and offline financial institutions.

  • Fintech security solutions are applied to various types of businesses in financial security scenarios.

4. Vision AI Tech’s next core solution is Industrial Product Inspection.

  • Vision AI Tech’s Vision AI object detection technology empowers our industry clients to identify product defect such as scratches, crack, and bubbles.

  • Our algorithms enables the identification of wear on cutting tools and measurement of weld quality.

  • Until now, inspections have been carried out after the final process. By inspecting every process, we prevent the loss of not only the overall profit but also the manpower and factory facilities and parts used at each stage. This results in significant cost savings and increased labor performance.

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